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Why aren’t Canadian MPs paying their taxes?

Within these past few weeks, Canadian politics has been so tumultuously rocked with the worrying stories of Rob Ford and Mike Duffy that a number of other issues have not been explored as deeply as they should have been. For example, the ruling in the Robocall case by the Federal Court turned out to be a sort of win-win for both sides. The judge found that fraud did occur, but found no evidence that the Conservative Party or a candidate condoned the fraud. However, the Conservatives’ CIMS database was “the most likely source of information used to make the misleading calls.” Additionally, it was found that “there is no evidence that the election results in the six ridings would have turned out differently,” and the presiding judge thus did not annul the results.

The appellants, backed by the Council of Canadians, are not appealing to the Supreme Court, but are demanding a public inquiry. On a similar note, the CRTC has fined¬†federal and provincial election campaigns a combined total of $369,000, including Marc Garneau, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, the federal NDP, and Alberta’s Wildrose for violating the “Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.”

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