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The IOC’s shameful stance on the Munich Massacre

The House of Commons recently adopted a unanimous motion offering its support for a “moment of silence to be held at the 2012 London Olympics in memory of those killed 40 years ago in the tragic terrorist events of the 1972 Munich Olympics wherein 11 Israeli athletes were murdered.” The IOC commemorates the event on their website and acknowledges the “ghastly acts of terror carried out by terrorist group Black September,” yet refused to hold a moment of silence for the slain athletes at the Opening Ceremonies.

Political posturing aside, there is a very simple argument to be made for commemorating the athletes at the Opening Ceremonies. This event is the single most tragic event to ever occur at the Olympics. Even Iran, a country which refused to allow its athletes to participate with Israelis, now allows them to do so. The head of Iran’s Olympic Mission also agreed to respect a minute of silence for the slain Munich athletes.

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